MON-FRI 10-5
Trinity Candelabras
Black Candelabras
Heart Fan Candelabras
Bronze Lantern w/Stand
25' Strnd - Twinkle Lights
Glass Lantern w/Votive
Glass Votive/Candle Holder
Lit Branches
Stemmed Votives
Blue Metallic/SIlver Vase   
24" Trumpet Vase
8" Square Base Cut Glass
Oval 19" Tapered Vase
Oval 10" Tapered Vase
Eiffel Tower 19" Vase
6.5"-tall Fishbowl Vase  
Large Wood Log Discs
Small Wood Log Discs
Ostrich Feathers w/insert
8" Round Mirror Tiles
7.5" Cylinder
Message Board
Mr & Mrs Photo Frame
Bird Heart Metal Art
Vintage Birdcage
Distressed Mirror (Large)
Round White Columns
Multiple Heights
Square (Marble) Columns
Item Prices & Availability are NOT Guaranteed until proper Deposit is made on Reservations. Quotes Do Not Guarantee price/availability. 
Fees & Policies are subject to change. Please visit our FAQ & Policies page for more information or inquire with our Event Specialist.
18" White Lantern Light
14" 3-Floating Globe 
Silver Centerpiece
11" x 3" Square Vase

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