MON-FRI 10-5

You may provide the dipping items or let us take care of them for you!

We Prepare the Food & Display for you!
All-inclusive service includes Serving-ware, Skewers, Disposable Plates, and White Napkins.
You choose from a variety of dipping items
...ask us for more details!

Premium Options
Dried Apricots
Orange Segments
Pineapple Chunks
Fresh Strawberries
Maraschino Cherries
Apple Slices 
(Green or Red)
Banana Slices 
(peeled/cut onsite)
Payday Candy Bar Bites
Soft Caramel Squares
Coconut Macaroons
Cheese Cake Bites
Mini Cream Puffs
Fig Bars
Mini Muffins
Brownie Bites
Angel Food Cake
Donut Holes
Pound Cake
Sugar Wafers
Vanilla Wafers
Shortbread Cookies
Nutter Butter Cookies
Graham Crackers
Oreo Cookies
Gummy Bears
(Regular, Toasted Coconut, Strawberry)
Rice-Krispy Treats
Corn Chips
Tortilla Chips
Potato Chips
Standard Options

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