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Item Prices & Availability are NOT Guaranteed until proper Deposit is made on Reservations. Quotes Do Not Guarantee price/availability. 
Fees & Policies are subject to change. Please visit our FAQ & Policies page for more information or inquire with our Event Specialist.

The Table Guys (TTG) is the “Doing Business As” 
(trademark/brand) and property of Event Services Group, LLC.
*This is not an exhaustive (complete) list of all terms, conditions, rights & responsibilities. These may change at any time.​

  • Customer can only use equipment & rental items in accordance with their lease agreement, terms & conditions.

  • Movement of equipment & rental items to a second location constitutes an additional rental & may be charged as such.

  • Customer is responsible to inspect equipment & rental items prior to its use & to notify TTG of any issues.

  • TTG is not responsible for incidental/consequential damages caused by delays (etc.).

  • At the end of the rental agreement, customer shall return all equipment & rental items to TTG (premises) during TTG’s regular business hours, in the condition as when originally delivered/picked-up.

  • If TTG has agreed to deliver/pickup equipment & rental items, the customer is responsible for all losses or damage to equipment & rental items from time of delivery until picked up by TTG.

  • TTG has the right to enter any premises where equipment & rental items may be located for purposes of inspection, observing use, or removing items.

  • At the customers on volition & expense, prior to installation of equipment & rental items, must provide all necessary permits, licenses & other consents.

  • Deliveries are made up to 10-feet from the closest point a large box truck can park. 

  • Charges may be applied for deliveries upstairs or through difficult terrain.

  • Setup and teardown is available at an additional charge.

  • Lines are inspected prior to pick-up & upon return.

  • Do NOT roll up or place WET linens in any bag. Return all linens DRY and free of waste. ​

  • Customer may be charged for Obvious Damage such as mildew, excessive stains, burns or tears.

  • Customer assumes all weather-related risks involved in holding an outdoor event. TTG will attempt to minimize any negative effects, but is not liable for damages to equipment & rental items during said event. 

  • TTG will assist you as you load your vehicle, however, it is the customer's responsibility to properly secure all equipment & rental items. 

  • TTG is not responsible for any damages to customer vehicle, damages to equipment and/or rental items, or any related accidents/incidents such as loss of equipment from vehicle after it leaves our location.

EMERGENCY CONTACT 1-970-663-7368 ext. 9 (for customers with open orders only).

2204 S. Mead Street, Ste. 1 • Wichita, KS 67211 • info@TheTableGuysKS.com

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